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Why should you hire me for your graphic design projects?

I don't only design. I collaborate with my clients to get results. I provide all of the people I work with valuable consultation and knowledge backed up by more than 15 years of design and marketing experience.

I never just create something and drop it in your lap like other designers may do. When you make an investment with me, you're getting my skills in both design and marketing.

When we work together, I'll produce the visuals that will get people interested in your communication and then I'll offer strategy and advice on how to use your new design to push your interests forward.

At the end of the day, we're doing this to generate positive results. The process is fun and creative but the bottom line is that you're making an investment into your future. Let's make your goals happen instead of creating something to hang on the wall.

I'm serious about what I do and I want results. If you feel the same way about what you do, I want to work with you.


Let's start the process.

What do my clients think?

"When I was looking for a designer to create my logo, I wanted someone who could take several concepts I had in mind and combine them into a logo without it looking "busy" or sloppy. As a consultant, I wanted the logo to be both professional and personal, and Matt walked that line beautifully. He took the time to learn my business and what kind of image I wanted to convey. He asked all the right questions and offered helpful guidance all throughout the process to help me narrow down specifics such as color, layout, and fonts. I'm very pleased with the end result and will not hesitate to use Matt again."

— Ben Piper


"I've worked with Matt a number of times and the process is always clear and thoughtful. I like that he always puts a lot of effort into research and things of that nature and not just the designs. At this point, I think he knows the business just as well as I do. I'm sure that what he makes is going to work because it always has in the past but also because there is reason behind everything. He backs up what he creates."

— Mary Morgan


"I appreciate you working with us. We are very excited about the logos."

— Thad Clark


"I wasn't sure what to expect when I needed a logo for my business. I found Matt's website and he seemed to know what he was doing so I sent him an email. After telling him what I needed, I was absolutely sure he knew what he was doing. He asked me questions about the business I'd never even really thought about before. The logo turned out great and I believe that if someone else would have made it, I wouldn't even know what to do with it."

— Sue Harper

"Working with Matt has been great. He knew exactly what I was looking for and then went beyond that to create something even better than I imagined. I'll definitely be working with him again in the future."

— Ron Howe


"I had a good experience working with you. I think what you came up with is fantastic. The cards can't come soon enough. I really want to start using them and showing them off. I'll absolutely give you a call when I need more design work."

— Pam Ellis


"It is very easy to work with Matt. He is careful to gather information about goals, expectations, and creative preferences early in the process – this streamlines the overall timeline and contributes to the ultimate quality of the end product. He considers this upfront information and provides alternative concepts that meet the criteria outlined. He provides sound advice throughout the process while listening to client suggestions and including new ideas as needed.

It was an enjoyable and successful project. I would definitely work with him again."

— Terrye Schaetzel


"I had a good time on the project. This logo is awesome."

— Bill Davis

Let's start the process.

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