The History of Typography

The History of Typography

You definitely don’t have to be a designer to come in contact with fonts and typefaces. Almost all of us use these on a daily basis now. You may not even really think about it. Today, let’s think about it for 5 minutes. This cool video by Ben Barrett-Forrest on the history of typography may connect some dots or spark a thought.

Obviously the complete history of typography hasn’t been crammed into this brief video but it gives a great overview of where it came from and where it is now.

Using type incorrectly can lead to terrible disasters while using it correctly can lead to amazing success. If someone has trouble reading something, they may miss the message or just get tired of trying and give up completely. There is a lot behind those little black marks on a white field! Learning more about typography can help you increase productivity in the workplace or let you better communicate in any creative project you look to take on.

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