The Importance of Color In Design

The Importance of Color In Design

I found this well done infographic that contains some good information about colors and purchases.

When creating graphic design, color should be a major consideration. It is almost never a good idea to just go with a “favorite” color – whether it be the designer’s or client’s. The correct color for the project should be decided through research and knowledge of the subject matter.

While something like a business card can have a personal side to it – it will be representing someone – the majority of graphic design is created for a specific target, not to actually please the individuals creating it. This goes for both the designer and the client. From the very beginning, the people working to create great design and great communication are going to have to take a step away from their personal tastes. What they personally like may not be the correct solution. Picking a favorite color “just because” is not the best option. You may find that color will not be a specific factor in the project you’re working on but you need to actually come to that conclusion by looking at the information and not just assuming it does not matter.

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