Graphic Design Trends — Using and Avoiding Them

There’s a fine line between using graphic design trends and being stuck in the past. How should they be used and when should you ignore them?

How To Launch Anything Online

I’m often in contact and working with people who are starting something new. There is always excitement and uncertainty. I came across the article How To Launch Anything Online and thought it would be right down their alley.

The History of Typography

You definitely don’t have to be a designer to come in contact with fonts and typefaces. Almost all of us use these on a daily basis now. You may not even really think about it. Today, let’s think about it for 5 minutes. This cool video by Ben Barrett-Forrest on the history of typography may […]

This Is How Design Works – An Overview

If you haven’t had a chance to read this web page yet, I’d say it’s worth it. Strangely enough, the design is not great – it is a little hard to know what to read next – but the information is sound. It’s been researched well.

The Importance of Color In Design

I found this well done infographic that contains some good information about colors and purchases.

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